Lollipops by Carl Kleiner


I love this new work by Carl Kleiner: Lollipops 
Says the artist: ‘Im a collector of different materials, and I have a lot of samples arranged in my studio window. I re-arrange them every now and then. It is like my japanese garden.
One hot summer day I built a composition looking like an ice cream that I felt Ettore Sottsass would have liked, and I felt very inspired and made this series.’
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7 criminals’ last meals recreated as art. Death-row aside, what would your last meal be?

Artist and Photographer Henry Hargreaves decided to recreate the last meals of different death row inmates throughout history; hoping capture a bit of their personalities and the era of their executions. By shooting all the dishes from bird-eye view, Hargreaves tried to give the viewer a prisoner’s-eye-view of their bizarre last meal. 

Victor Feguer insisted that his last meal be served on a ceramic plate and have a knife and fork.

Timothy McVeigh of the Oklahoma City bomb, skipped his main course and dove right into desert!

Ronnie Lee Gardner was allowed to watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy throughout his last days, and chose to be executed by firing squad rather than by lethal injection. 

Ricky Ray Rector, who’s defense team argued that he was intellectually impaired, left his desert and told the guards he was “saving it for later.”

(Via Daily Mail)